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Lago Vista High School8

Round Rock, TX | Williamson County


September 5, 2014

This is a terrible place. I can tell you this because I was there from kindergarten-graduation. Not only is there nepotism, but the school drove out one of the best teachers it had just because the superintendent was being controlled by the principal who had a personal vendetta against her. A new teacher (coach too) was added and the ability for him to teach was nowhere. The school also has little to no policy in place for dealing with stalkers and creeps. When a stalker was reported, nothing was done to protect me. I was told to carry a pocket knife and phone when walking places on campus. Other than that, the learning atmosphere was not there because there were few electives offered. Some of the teachers were in their own possy too. Students were not rewarded for doing well. You only got notice if you were related to the faculty, or your mom was involved. My sibling was in special ed and they gave that group of kids nothing to do all day besides watch movies. The teachers in that department had no parent contact to decide what was best for the kids. If you think moving to Lago Vista, they have a new high school since I left, but please understand it is all the same individuals.

June 27, 2013

The school has young administrators that either have a conservative political agena based on hierarchical intrigues in the community or they have a wide procedural knowledge but no practical common sense experience when dealing with students and teachers. They are oriented toward rule making and conformity rather than free thinking and learning. Conformity and consistency are the end all for this district. It is a small district and nepotism is tolarated in their employment system. This causes a variety of issues that should not exist in public education. It is a very odd district.

June 4, 2013

Majority rules in this school. High percentage of students have little to no parental guidance and/or involvement, therefore, the teachers and staff, teach and interact with that mindset. If your child behaves and works hard they are invisible, unless they're related to a teacher or staff. On a more specific note. There are a handful of incredibly devoted teachers and a handful of incredibly disgruntled and/or harmful teachers. The rest are average. All but one staff/official are standoffish and more often than not, do not respond to problem's brought to their attention.

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February 18, 2011

This school is an excellent place to learn. Unlike many schools in austin we have all core classes available in ap and we are handling the economy effectively. Sadly it is true that the discipline system is very flawed and we dont offer nearly as many extracurricular classes as we should but all in all a pretty good school.

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February 4, 2010

I myself am a student at LVHS, I love our school. You don't need any fancy things, and who cares if somthing is written on the stalls... It's a school, it's here for learning not looks. We are thankful we have a school and amazing teachers is the class rooms.

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November 17, 2008

I have 1 child currently Lago Vista High School and 1 child who graduated a few years ago. My oldest child had a poor teacher in a subject which ended up causing problems a few years later in college. Several teachers are also coaches and miss class for athletic events and in my opinion, the students suffer academically. My other child has a well-qualified teacher which is great. But I have had to fight hard for special ed services. In my opinion, special ed parents need to be very well-informed to navigate at this school for their children.

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February 20, 2008

Poor management - boys restrooms have been locked for most of the year in an effort to control graffati/vandalism. Boys have to go to the front office to get a key and now have to be 'escorted'. Seems like they could figure out a way to take care of problems created by a few kids without punishing the entire male population.

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June 20, 2007

This is not a very good school. The discipline system always overreactes and overlooks mistakes. It's organization is terrible, everything is last second here.

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May 10, 2005

I have three sons and two of them have been to Lago Vista High School and I have to say that this school has problems. They are more interested in what the kids wear and how long it takes to go to the restroom than they are about teaching the students. If they would quit crying about small things and work on the bigger problems this school could be alright. Also the coaching staff of this school needs to be improved not only has my son but many others that I know have quit sports because of some of the coaches. They are rude and disrespectful. I don't recommend this school to anyone looking for a place to live. I love lago vista but not their school system, if I could afford it I would put my boys in a private school.

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